by Kyliga Dälen

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released January 19, 2016

Studio: Rx-stúdió
Mix/Mastering: Professor Död
Technician: Assistant Död


Senior Hernandez – Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Haver 666 – Beat, Vocals
Spärtacus von Necro - Guitars

All music and lyrics written by Kyliga Dälen.

Solos are written and performed by Hubert Więcek (Dödheim), Kapten Kaos (Total Död) and Professor Död (Kniv, Du är Falsk & Joachim a Tömeggyilkos). Violins in “Joachim a Tömeggyilkos” are performed by Sister ov Död.

Hubert Więcek:
Kapten Kaos:
Professor Död:

Artwork: Front photo taken by Sinner’s Art www.facebook.com/SinnersArt

Design: Sygör (singer on the Worship the Beat demo, but we had to fire him for not drinking enough), Kapten Kaos, Balázs of Neverheard Distro and Senior Hernandez.

Physical format will be released by Neverheard Distro in March 2016.



Thanks to everyone for either helping or hindering us in any way!




Kyliga Dälen Budapest, Hungary

The band was formed by two lunatics - Haver 666 & Senior Hernandez - in Budapest. It’s all about losing control and worshipping the beat while getting wasted on cheap beer and shitty weed. Since then Spärtacus von Necro also joined for greater glory.

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Track Name: Black Sun Crew
Walking the streets of Necrohell
Worshipping Satan until the end

Falling and falling
From the satanic Black Sun
This crew from the Dälen
Will raise some hell

We drink
We smoke
Track Name: Dödheim
Through the seasons, through the pain
Ceaselessly domain by empty dream
Beaten and hopeless
Nothing seems better
Lost and forgotten
No road to follow

Purify me!
Escape the past
And worship the beat

When you see the Nordic light
Start hoping for the final sight
A forgotten instinct will barren
Once you reach the city of Dödheim
Track Name: Kniv
Those who deny our victory
Let them feel my knife
You, who despise Lord Blomqvist
Let them taste my knife
Those who mock the true evil
Bless your life or knives will fly
No regret, no second chance

Once you face death
You face the lord of all Död
Do not return, avoid the bullshit
All hail Blomqvist
Lord of all Död
Track Name: Orgel och Vägg
Orgel och Vägg
Track Name: Du är Falsk
The emptiness of life has now reached you
A death instinct doctrine of this hexed youth
Struggling endlessly for the right to be won
Forsaken and mislead by your own goals

Desire, forsee
Deny everything until you compromise
Counting the days
Fight your vortex, fight the waves

Realize what truly makes you strong
The opinions, the arguments
Fading away without regrets
Creates the false self-bond
Track Name: Joachim a Tömeggyilkos
Track Name: Őselés
Black hoods in a black night
Witchcraft lingering the sky

Outisme, the random way of life
Deranged deformity covering the mind

Absolute Död, absolute Satan
Absolute fuck of the unborn evil
Hail the blessed, hail the dead
Let the kings reign in blasphemous beat

Blasphemous Beat

Blasphemous people, blasphemous beat
Blasphemous future of the living breed
Track Name: Age of Impatience
The visions of success have doomed you to death
Enabled to resist against the flood of emptiness
Forced you to let all your instincts drown
A total futility for your inner self to be born

When will you wait, when will you realize?
The way of all failure departs the mind

Time won't wait, its power is stomping
Avoid the greed of your mind
Glory and success come here in vain
If you do not accept the realm of pain
Track Name: Speed & Satan
The only thing that makes me mad
Is when you deny the power of Satan
We spit in your face, we deny your race
Stop breathing and play faster than you can

Speed and Satan
Sniff the Gore

The world needs a redeemer
Call him God, call him Satan
I summon the demon in my shell
Force shall rise with my Speed
The tempo of the dead
The dream stuck in my head
I will rise with Helvete
To show the power of Perkele

Worship the swift of all madness
Until your entrails get torn
Track Name: Total Död
Sound of hate
Spawn of Skosberg
Worship the device of
Eternal hell

You don’t know what to expect
When you end your filthy life
Total Död is what you get
When you play the device of hell

Buzzsaw effect, satanic riff
Create art or die in grief
Track Name: FxExWxDx
False Elite Whores pester the street
False elite whores die
Swallowing cum, acting like queen
False elite whores, you gonna fuckin’ die!

Kill your soul, Erase your kind
False Elite Whores Die
Die! Die! Die! Die!
False elite whores, you gonna fuckin’ die!